Look Beyond Your Horizons.

It’s finally here. The time for you step out of the comfortable and into the unknown. The time for you to discover just how far your future goes. The time you stop thinking about what you have to do and start thinking about what you can become. Every day is a new possibility. And the possibilities are infinite.

The Infinite Awaits

Imagine a place where opportunity lives right outside your door. A place that lets you stay connected to the heartbeat of one of the world’s greatest cities, but lets you disconnect just as easily to enjoy all the comforts of home. A place that gives your ambitions room to grow into your reality. At the heart of everything, that’s where you’ll find Infinite Chicago.

A City At Your Doorstep

Infinite Chicago is more than just your home– it’s your homebase.

Stationed in the heart of the downtown loop, Infinite Chicago puts you in walking distance of not only the “Loop U” universities, but some of the greatest cultural institutions, restaurants and entertainment venues in the nation (if you haven’t lived here in the winter before, trust us- that’s important). Our student-focused community space lets you interact with like-minded peers academically and socially (if you haven’t lived in a city before, trust us- that’s important). And with state-of-the-art security, billing, and maintenance services, we make sure your parents are as happy as you are (if you haven’t lived away from home before, trust us- that’s the most important of all).

Enter The Infinite
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